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DNC – 2016 Convention Call, Delegate Selection Rules & Regs

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The DNC recently issued its guidance documents and the 2016 Democratic National Convention Call, Delegate Selection Rules, Regulations, and model plan.  State Democratic Parties now must take these materials and draft their own state plans, to be submitted to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee for approval by May 4, 2015.  As I’ve noted in prior post, e.g., here, the 2016 procedures are similar to 2012.

The Call does not yet identify the location and date of the 2016 Convention – the DNC will likely make that announcement next month.

For Virginia, I anticipate that the DPVA will again use the state primary to allocate delegates among presidential candidates and then elect the actual convention delegates at congressional district and state conventions.  I believe that the party will learn from the past and provide for a much better state convention experience.  Stay tuned for more details.  

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1 thought on “DNC – 2016 Convention Call, Delegate Selection Rules & Regs”

  1. I’d like to see it in Philadelphia – to support Gov. Tom Wolf and the economy there, and also play up the theme of Philadelphia as the birthplace of liberty w Democrats providing freedom for all people (esp. regarding economic security, healthcare, etc.)

    Ohio is great, but with the RNC there it might not be the best. New York is too crowded.

    Long-term, the 2020 convention ought to come to Detroit, which will be doing well then. Motown is always on the long list of cities invited to submit RFPs – but never on the short list.

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