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Frank Leone

Frank Leone Democratic Volunteer

In 2021, I was elected as an At-Large member of the Democratic National Committee and appointed as a member of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee.  I previously served in a offices in the Virginia Democratic Party including three terms as a  member of the DNC (2008-2020).  I also served on the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee from 2017-2020, and the DNC Credentials Committee (2009-2017).  I now live in the District of Columbia, but continue to be active in voting rights and election protection efforts in Virginia and nationally. 

I believe that we are the party of opportunity, inclusion, and hope.

This site features regular reports from the Democratic National Committee, information on voting rights and election protection, occasional news and comment regarding politics, and useful links and references. And Beagles.

world mapI was born in 1960 in Hong Kong (then a British Crown Colony) where my father, who worked in Defense Intelligence was stationed. He had met my mother in London in the 1950s, when he worked in the American embassy, and she, an Italian citizen, worked at the Italian embassy. I still have a number of relatives in Italy. After living in Greece and Japan, we moved to Arlington in 1966. I attended 12 years of Arlington County public schools (Ashlawn, Kenmore, Hoffman-Boston and Washington-Lee). Among other activities, I was founder of my high school Hubert Humphreyecology club and president of its astronomy club. I recall voting for Hubert Humphrey in my 4th grade mock election, and arguing strongly for George McGovern in 1972, but my first Democratic campaign activity was handing out literature on election day for successful Congressional candidate Joe Fisher at my junior high school polling place.

I then attended the University of Virginia, double majoring in Government and Religion. My major advisor, Dr. Larry Sabato, still believes that “politics is a good thing.” My biggest regret is being first on the waiting list, but not actually getting, a Lawn room. I joined the UVa Young Democrats during class registration and UVAformed friendships which I still have. I held an office with the Young Democrats continuously from 1978 to 1988, including president of the UVa YDs, Chair of the Virginia College Dems, and President of the VYDs. We won the mock election for Mondale in 1984 and followed up with a mock election victory for Robb (for Governor) in 1985. After graduating in 1982, I moved up the road to the North Grounds and attended UVa law school, where, among other activities, I served as Honor Committee counsel in a 1985 case which, unjustifiably, became rather notorious. During the summers I worked in Richmond as a Governor’s Fellow with the Robb administration and as an intern with Attorney General Baliles.

Upon graduation from Law School in 1985, I moved back to Arlington, and got re-involved with the local Democratic Committee. I was elected to the Democratic Party of Virginia State Central Committee in 1993 and as Vice Chair for Rules in 2001. I worked as a volunteer (always) to help elect Democratic candidates. I also focused on rules and procedures, and also served as legal counsel for the 8th District Committee.  In 2008, I was elected to the Democratic National Committee.  From 1985-2021, I was with the the litigation firm of Hollingsworth LLP in Washington DC.

In the fall of 2020, I moved to the Foggy Bottom Historic District, where I live with my wife and our (second) beagle Bellini.  Our house was built in 1885, and previously inhabited by area workers and more recently my wife’s parent’s.  I am keeping busy walking Bellini, working with the DNC on rules and voter protection issues, and sharing information on local history and historic preservation. For updates on Foggy Bottom and DC history, please see our Foggy Bottom Association History Project page and follow me on twitter @FunkstownDC.

“Whenever I want to know about anything that is happening within the DNC — meetings, rules changes, whatever — DemRulz is among the first stops I make. Frank’s site is an invaluable resource to the work I do at FHQ.”  –  Josh Putnam, Frontloading HQ

Thanks for your solid reporting on Democratic rules on DemRulz.Org. I’ve consulted your website more than once to find out the latest developments.”  – Jeff Berman, Obama National Delegate Director, Author of The Magic Number

“Although he is not a member of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee, Frank has attended nearly every meeting over the past four years and done a great job of  reporting on and analyzing DNC rules issues.”  – Mame Reiley, Member, DNC RBC.

“Thank you for your site: demrulz. An oasis of sanity in an otherwise chaotic world. It looks like I’ll be involved in the Democrats Abroad global primary, and I’m grateful that your site exists.”  – Rob Carolina, Democrats Abroad.

  • Campaign volunteer for Democratic candidates in Virginia, 1974-present
  • Democratic National Committee, Member 2008-2020
    • DNC Credentials Committee, Member 2009-2017
    • DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee, Member 2017-2020
  • Virginia State Counsel, Biden for President, 2020
  • Virginia State Counsel, Hillary for America, 2017
  • Blog,; @DemRulz; Facebook/FLeone
  • Virginia Democratic State Central Committee, 1993-present
    • Vice Chair for Rules, 2001-2009
    • SCC Resolutions Committee, 2001-2015
      • Chair, 2001-2009
    • 8th CD legal counsel, 1993-2001
  • Virginia Democratic Party Voter Expansion and Protection Committee
    • Organizer, 2014-present
  • Virginia Young Democrats, 1978-1996
    • Chair, Virginia College Democrats, 1981-1982
    • VYD National Committeeman, 1985-1987
    • President, Virginia Young Democrats, 1987-1988
  • Local Democratic Committees, 1979-1986, 1990-present
    • Arlington, current
    • Charlottesville, Albemarle, former
  • Virginia Democratic Convention delegate or alternate, 1980-2016
    • Chair, Temporary and Permanent Rules Committee 2004
    • Chair, Temporary Rules Committee, 2008
  • Democratic National Convention
    • Americans for Democratic Action intern, 1980
    • Clinton campaign volunteer, 1992
    • Member, Rules Committee, 2004
    • DNC Member-elect, 2008
    • Automatic Delegate, 2012, 2016


  • 12 years of Arlington County public schools (1966-1978)
  • University of Virginia, BA with distinction (1982), JD (1985)
  • Partner, Hollingsworth LLP, Washington DC, retired
    • J.D., University of Virginia, 1985
    • Honor Counsel; Moot Court; University Proxy Advisory Committee; Student Council
    • B.A., with Distinction, University of Virginia, 1982
    • Omicron Delta Kappa; Intermediate Honors; Student Counsel Legislative Committee
    • Arlington County public primary and secondary schools, 1966-1978
    • Organizer, Washington-Lee High School Ecology Club, 1977
    • Admitted to Bar, Virginia, 1985; District of Columbia, 1986 (inactive); Montana, 2017 (inactive)
    • Partner, Hollingsworth LLP, 1992-2921; Associate, 1985-92
    • Intern, Office of the Virginia Attorney General, 1984 Human & Natural Resources Division
    • Arlington County Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee, 1993-95
    • Northern Virginia-Potomac River Basin Committee, 1986-90; Vice Chair, 1989-90
    • Governor’s Fellows Program, 1983, Secretary of Public Safety
    • Volunteer, federal, state and local Democratic campaigns, 1974-present
    • Democratic National Committee, 2008-2020, 2021-present
    • Virginia State Counsel, Hillary for America, 2017
    • Democratic Party of Virginia, Vice Chair for Rules (2d Vice Chair), 2001-2009
    • Chair, State Resolutions Committee, 2001-2009
    • Member, Steering Committee and State Central Committee, 2001-present
    • Member, Eighth District Democratic Committee and Central Committee, 1993-2001
    • Member, Democratic National Convention Rules Committee, 2004
    • Legal Counsel, Eighth District Democratic Committee, 1993-2001
    • Member, Virginia Association of Democratic Campaign Counsel, 1994-present
    • Steering Committee, Northern Virginia Lawyers for Wilder, 1989
    • Arlington County Democratic Committee, 1985-86, 1990-present
    • Past member, Charlottesville, Albemarle Democratic Committees, 1979-85
    • Virginia Young Democrats, President, 1987-88; National Committeeman, 1985-87; Chairman, College Democrats, 1981-1982; Coordinator, VYD State Convention, 1981; President, U.Va. Chapter, 1980-81; Member, 1978-96
    • Democratic Party of Virginia 2012 Convention Site Selection Committee, 2011
    • Delegate or Alternate, State and District Democratic Conventions, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016
      • Member, State Temporary Credentials Committee, 1988
      • Member, State Temporary & Permanent Rules Committee, 1996
      • Chair, Eighth District Rules Committee, 1996, 2000, 2008
      • Convener, Eighth District Rules Committee, 1997
      • Chair, State Convention Temporary and Permanent Rules Committees, 2004
    • Clinton for President, 1992, Arlington Visibility Coordinator, National Convention Volunteer
    • Obama for America, 2008, 2012, volunteer
    • Member, Roosevelt Society (Arlington); Kennedy-King Dinner Committee (8th CD), 1993-1996
    • 1997 Virginia Inaugural Gala Finance Committee
    • Intern, Americans for Democratic Action, 1980, National Convention Volunteer
    • Volunteer, Presidential Transition Office, 1976, 1992
    • Election Observer, Czechoslovakia, International Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth, 19932021