03 Jan 2016
January 3, 2016

GOP Loyalty Oath Myths


Virginia will hold its Presidential Primary on March 1, 2016 – Republicans have decided to limit their primary to voters who sign a statement saying that they are Republicans. Virginia Democrats will not require any such statement and anyone may vote in the Democratic primary. See my recent post for text of the statement. Sounds.. read more →

07 Aug 2015
August 7, 2015

DNC Communications Update 8.7.2015

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What we learned from the GOP debates, DNC Presidential debate schedule, Obama’s climate plan, and GOP awful statements on voting rights (which, like civil rights and the environment were not mentioned at the GOP debate) read more →

If you somehow missed President Obama’s exchange with Zach Galifiankakis on “Between Two Fearns” to promote the ACA, you can find it here; DNC goes to colleges to promote Voter Expansion; DNC Webinar on Women’s outreach and the 2014 Women’s agenda; raising the minimum wage; and more.  AND DNC launches SameOldParty.com website to mark the one year.. read more →

09 Sep 2013
September 9, 2013

Give ‘Em Hell, Terry!

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Harry S Truman famously said that he never gave the Republicans hell – he just told the truth and they thought it was hell.  The same applies to the current Virginia governor’s campaign and Democrat Terry McAuliffe campaign’s statements about Republican Ken Cuccinelli.  The media has bought into a myth that both sides are running.. read more →

26 Mar 2013
March 26, 2013

The RNC 2016 Rules Recommendations

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Last week, the Republican National Committee released its 97 page post-election “Growth and Opportunity Project” party evaluation that the RNC Chair embarrassingly referred to as an “autopsy.”  (Copy below)   Among the Recommendations for the Presidential nomination process (pp. 72-73) are: Holding the National Convention as early as late June 2016 allowing more time to “begin the.. read more →

18 Mar 2013
March 18, 2013

GOP “Autopsy” Report

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The Republican National Committee released its post-election Growth & Opportunity Project report today.  The proposals include frontloading the primary process, with the last primary being as early as April 30, 2016.  I will have comments on this later.  . read more →