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DNC Communications Updates – 3.14 & 3.21.2014

If you somehow missed President Obama’s exchange with Zach Galifiankakis on “Between Two Fearns” to promote the ACA, you can find it here; DNC goes to colleges to promote Voter Expansion; DNC Webinar on Women’s outreach and the 2014 Women’s agenda; raising the minimum wage; and more.  AND

DNC launches website to mark the one year anniversary of the kickoff of the GOP’s rebranding effort, and a DNC report on that failed effort; Medal of Honor awards; POTUS bracket (spoiler – he picks Michigan State, instead of UVa); and more. 

  DNC Communications Update 3.14.2014 (423.4 KiB, 1,247 hits)

  DNC Commuinications Update 3.21.2014 (565.1 KiB, 1,165 hits)

Also here are some DNC meeting pics  (in the one where I am looking at my iphone, I am listening and tweeting, even if it looks like I am not paying attention).