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DPVA Chair Moran Urges Focus on State Races

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This fall (2011), we have elections for the Virginia General Assembly (the State House of Delegates and the State Senate), County Constitutional Officers (Commonwealth’s Attorney, Sheriff, Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue), and city (but not county) Clerk of the Court (unless the city shares the Clerk with a County), and local governments, including city councils, county boards, and schoool boards.  But, understandably, next year’s Senate and Presidential races are getting a lot of attention.   As easy as it is to get excited about next year, this year’s elections will mean a lot for Virginia families, particularly if we lose a Democratic Majority in the Senate and Bob McDonnell is allowed to push his anti-middle class agenda unchecked. 

Here’s a news report in which Chairman Moran explains how important it is for Democrats to win this fall, and Governor McDonnell threatens that with a Republican Governor and Republican General Assembly (for the second time in history), he can get a lot more (scary, right-wing, destructive) things done.