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#DNC2012 Credentials, Rules, Platform Reports

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Patrice Taylor (Dir. Party Affairs & Del Selection), Lindsey Reynolds (DNC Secy Office), & Alice Germond (DNC Secy) count the votes

Here are the reports of the 2012 Democratic National Convention Credentials and Rules Committees, and the final Platform (with the floor amendments).  When those amendments came up, there were relatively few delegates present and fewer who understood the issues.  It was a minor blip in an otherwise flawless convention, but I think if the issues had been explained a bit more, there would been no problem.  The Democratic Party certainly supports Israel (as Congressman Wexler’s speech made abundantly clear), but we also support a Palestinian state and a just peace in the region.  The Democratic Party recognizes the importance of faith, has a faith caucus, and started and ended every session with a prayer, but we also recognize every individual’s right to think freely and believe or not.  I thought a very telling moment came the end of the Convention, when we listened to Bishop Dolan lecture us on abortion and marriage equality and we restrained the urge to let him know that we disagreed with his views.   This post provides a good analysis.  

  2012 Democratic National Platform (547.6 KiB, 853 hits)

  2012 Democratic National Credentials - Rules (1.7 MiB, 970 hits)