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DNC Rules & Bylaws, July 9 #3 – Timing

Rule 11 – Timing of the Delegate Selection Process – as discussed, calender window would start first Tuesday in March (March 6, 2012).  Proposal also would set forth pre-window dates, primaries/caucuses can occur no earlier than:  Feb. 6 – Iowa caucus; Feb. 14 – New Hampshire primary; Feb 18 – Nevada caucus; Feb. 28 – SC primary.

Mayor Archer suggested that RBC set up a process for consideration for pre-window process in 2016.  There was a lot of discussion, with others pointing out that 2016 is beyond this Committee’s scope and it has a lot of work to do in connection with 2012.  The Committee decided to look at this issue after the 2012 election.

Rule 18 – Alternates – Section 18.D.1 provides processes for alternates to replace delegate –  delegate to choose alternate, delegation to choose alternate, the alternate who receives the most votes becomes the delegate, or such other process.   Suggested to specify that the  state chair could make selection if state rules permit.  Another really long discussion ensued.  Really long.  Then they voted 5 times.   Amendment failed 11-13.

All rules adopted – package will be considered as a whole later.

Committee will re-convene July 10, at 9:30 to adopt the Call to convention.