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DNC Communications Updates June 2014

New DNC voter expansion – program (more later), D-Day, EPA’s new carbon standards; Cantor loses, 2016 National Convention bids (BIrmingham, Cleveland, Columbus, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Phoenix (more later), early voting win in Ohio, student loans; GOP leadership conference, DIck Cheney, LGBT gala , World Cup; Guide to GOP governors’ scandals (not including former VA governors), one year after the Shelby voting rights act decision – voter supression and voter expansion, immigration reform, and working families.

  DNC Communications Update 6.6.2104 (346.1 KiB, 1,974 hits)

  DNC Communications Update 6.13.2014 (367.5 KiB, 1,048 hits)

  DNC Communications Update 6.20.2104 (566.6 KiB, 1,062 hits)

  DNC Communications Update 6.27.2014 (430.8 KiB, 1,057 hits)