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College Students Vote

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College students can register and vote in their college communities.  I have been working on this issue since I started at UVa – I was able to register and even served on the local committees, but registrars in other jurisdictions tried – and continue to try – to keep college students from registering and voting.  The Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE) adopted guidance in 2009 regarding student voting (and other residency issues).   You can register to vote in your college community, even if you might leave there upon graduation.  The Brennan Center for Justice also offers a general Student Voting FAQ document.

If you have moved prior to the 2011 election, you must change your address, and you should update your address even if you have moved since then.  See here for SBE requirements.  You can change your address by sending a letter or submitting a form, including a new registration form.  See here for details.  I spent 2010 election day at Tom Periello’s house working on protect and promote the vote issues.  There were a number of UVa students who registered in 2008 but had then moved to another jurisdiction (e.g. from the city to the county), and therefore could not vote.  Don’t let this happen to you.