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Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, & Tony Bennett

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The DNC/Organizing for America had a short, but excellent fundraiser at the Warner Theater in DC tonight.  Tony “I’ve always been a Democrat” Bennett showed that he still has great pipes and great stage presence.  Govenor Kaine talked about the roles of the DNC as political arm of the White House, supporter of state parties, and – through OFA – bringing about social and political change.  President Obama explained that his budget for America’s future is part of America’s recovery – the American people have to deal with many problems at the same time and so must our government.  We can’t wait for health care reform, a sound energy policy and other changes America needs — we need to establish the basis for long term prosperity now. 

OFA is the part of the DNC that is committed to making change a reality – their current effort involves contacting members of Congress in support of the president’s budget.   Sign up at OFA.