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DPVA Organization and the New Congressional District Lines

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Federal courts have found that the GOP-dominated General Assembly implemented an unconstitutional racial gerrymandering of Virginia’s Third Congressional District and have provided a much fairer (and more rational map, that substantially realigns the Third and Fourth CDs, and also has an impact on the 1st, 2nd, and 7th CDs.  See Personbullah v. Alcorn, Civ. No. 3:313cv678 (E.D. Va. 2016).  The District Court and Supreme Court have denied motions to stay, and the DPVA is generally implementing the new map, with the exception of national convention delegate selection.  The State Board of Elections is reporting the March 1 presidential primary results under the old CD lines and the DPVA will follow that approach.  Here’s the notice that our excellent Executive Director sent out yesterday:


We are thrilled to announce that DPVA’s internal structure will be switching over to our new Congressional maps as of February 20th. This is very exciting news because our new maps will more fully represent the diversity of our Commonwealth. I know there will be many questions during this transition. I will hopefully answer many of them below but please do not hesitate to reach out to either me or Chis Bolling (our Political Director) for further clarification.

How does this affect Delegate Selection?  This change will have NO effect on our Delegate Selection Plan. We will continue to use the old maps for this process.

I am on Central but now live in a new Congressional District?  In accordance with our [Party Plan section 6.13] ], everyone who is currently on the Central Committee will remain on the Central Committee. People who have been moved to a new CD will join the new CD’s committee. If this reorganization results in more than 20 regularly elected CD members in a reorganized CD, the CD members will share proportional votes, so the total number of votes will be the same. If such movement results in vacancies so that there are fewer than 20 regularly elected CD members, the new CD committee will elect new members to fill those vacancies. In addition, each CD committee affected by the redistricting will have to reorganize and hold new officer elections. This reorganization should take place at our February 20th meeting.

What about Congressional Primaries?  The June 2016 Congressional Primaries and Conventions will take place in the new Congressional Districts. The reconstituted CD committees will have to inform the State Board of Elections by March 1 if they intend to choose a primary. Any decisions made by the “old” CD committee prior to reorganization on whether or hold a convention or primary will stay in effect for newly reorganized CD committees.

Thank you!

Becca Slutzky
Executive Director
Democratic Party of Virginia