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Get out and vote today!

Good luck in particular to Catherine Reed, Dan Drummond, Molly Ward, George Wallace, and many other good Democrats.  Here’s a message from DPVA:


 Tip O’Neill was right- all politics is local. From Accomack County to the City of Manassas, from the City of Hampton to the Town of Buchanan, all across the Commonwealth today there are dozens of elections for town and city councils, mayor, and school board, and it is so important that if there is a local election in your town or city today, that you Get Out and Vote! To find out if there is an election in your city or town, and for more information, you can visit the State Board of Elections website by clicking here. 

 Local government really is where the rubber meets the road, and I’m so grateful for the over 900 candidates that are running here in Virginia. While many of our local offices are officially nonpartisan, we do have many great Democrats that are running, and building a strong foundation of elected Democrats at the local level is a key component to identifying candidates who can run for State Delegate, Senate, etc. and is critical to winning larger statewide and federal elections.

 If there is an election in your town or city today, make a plan now for how you will get to the polls, and I’ll look forward to seeing your vote count. If you’re interested in getting more involved with your local Democratic committee, visit or contact Clark Mercer, the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Political Director at


 Brian Moran 

Chair, Democratic Party of Virginia