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DNC Winter Meeting Day 1: “Campaigning is easier than governing.”

The DNC Winter meeting started off today with meeting of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, the Resolutions Committee, the Credentials Committee, and everyone worrying about the snow.  Virginian Susan Swecker co-chaired an introductory Credentials meeting and Alfonso Lopez and I attended as members.   The Committee generally meets only when there are challenges to DNC members, so we might not meet often.  The day’s highlight was clearly the OFA rally this afternoon, featuring Chairman Kaine, and President Obama, who coolly laid out his plans for getting the truth to the American people, creating jobs, and finishing the task of health insurance reform.   Virginia DNC members Doris Crouse-Mays and Grindley Johnson attended as well as Virginia activists Kip Malinosky and Chrisi West.