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Message from Jody Wagner and Senator Warner

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We’ve poured every penny we could into our media effort, and I’m glad to report that your grassroots support has allowed us to counter the national money Bill Bolling’s been getting – we’ve been able to buy more broadcast media in Northern Virginia than he has!

Tomorrow is election day, and we’ve marshalled all of our volunteers to cover the polls and make the final push – your help would be an incredible boost. If you can help, please email Tyee Davenport at right away.

If you can’t make it out to volunteer, a last-minute contribution will help us get our volunteers into position and our voters to the polls. The more resources we have, the better job we can do tomorrow. In the last four years, we’ve seen race after race that was so close that a winner wasn’t declared until well after election night.

To contribute, please go to our ActBlue page right now.

Your action could be the one that puts us over the top – we’re not going to stop fighting until all the polls are closed and all the votes have been counted.

– Jody

 A strong leader needs three things: A vision, the ability to bring people together behind that vision, and the skills to see it through. Jody Wagner has all three.

Please support Jody with a contribution today.

As a member of Tim Kaine and my senior leadership teams, she’s proven she’s got the vision to help make us best managed state, best state for business, and the best state for a child’s lifetime success. When she brought Democrats and Republicans together to pass a plan that’s putting people to work improving infrastructure at our colleges and universities, she proved she can bring people together. And when she helped me eliminate the deficit and balance the budget in 2002, she proved she’s got the skills to get the job done.

Jody’s not just a strong leader. She’s a mom who’s raised four kids in Virginia and knows how important education is in keeping us on top. And she’s built a small business – again, right here in Virginia – so she knows what it takes to create jobs and grow our economy.

Jody’s accomplishments, along with your support, have given her momentum in this race. Meanwhile, her opponent is getting more and more desperate in his attacks.

Today, you can help ensure tomorrow’s success with a contribution that will help get our volunteers in position and ensure that no one votes without hearing about Jody’s record.

Please give today for a win tomorrow.

– Senator Mark Warner

 Contributions or gifts to Virginians for Wagner are not tax deductible.