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Cross-posted from DPVA Voter Protection Council Blog,  5/21/2015, By Georgina Cannan, Voter Protection Council Co-Chair Voter protection is an important part of any campaign and it is crucial to one of the fundamental principles of the Democratic Party: when every eligible voter votes, Democrats win. Voter protection programs work to ensure all eligible Virginians are able.. read more →

At its March 2015 State Central Committee meeting, the DPVA established a permanent, volunteer Voter Protection Council.  (Charter below)  The VPC will work year round to support voter education (e.g. photo ID), voter registration, voting rights restoration, and legislative and administrative efforts to make voting easier, as well as providing voter protection services up to,.. read more →

The Democratic Party of Virginia has timely submitted its 2016 Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection Plan to the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee.  The plan follows the approach of recent plans – a March 1, 2016 primary will allocate delegates among presidential candidates, and localities will then hold caucuses to elect delegates to.. read more →

Due to a technical glitch, I didn’t get the 5.1 update, but here is 5.8 – the DNC will host 6 presidential debates in 2016; small business week; affordable college; and the latest on the GOP Clown Car.   read more →

Climate change, equal pay, economic recovery, AG Lynch, and facts on the GOP presidential candidates.         read more →

Middle-class economics, voting rights, social security, minimum wage, Affordable Care Act, GOP presidential candidate clown car.         read more →

Here are the actions the General Assembly took during the veto session on some of the voting bills that we have been following (courtesy of Project Vote).  Note that the House failed to override the Governor’s veto of the idiotic mail-in photo ID bill by a single vote (65-34).  This year’s battle for the State.. read more →

07 Apr 2015
April 7, 2015

Need #DPVA Platforms

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I received a call from a researcher at Columbia University who is putting together for analysis a set of state convention platforms/resolutions and is trying to locate DPVA platforms.  I have them posted back to 2000 at my DemRulz References page, but have not been able to locate many earlier ones – from the 1990s.. read more →