22 Nov 2016
November 22, 2016

From the DNC: Our Fight Begins Anew

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By: DNC Interim Chair, Donna Brazile There’s no last word in politics, just the next word. Two weeks ago, the American people spoke the next word. While we Democrats worked our hearts out, we fell short of winning the White House. Yet the results of this election show that our voices are needed now, more.. read more →

19 Nov 2016
November 19, 2016

DNC Elections Feb 2017 – FAQs

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The DNC will meet in Atlanta Georgia on February 23-26, 2017 to elect new officers and conduct other business.  The DNC issued FAQs here and below: WHAT IS THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE (DNC)? The Democratic National Committee is the governing body of the Democratic Party, with general responsibility for the affairs of the Democratic Party.. read more →

13 Nov 2016
November 13, 2016

DNC Forward (updated)

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Having gone from shock, to panic, to sadness, to calm resolution (with alternate periods of panic and sadness), I can finally put together some words on the path forward. As a member of the Democratic National Committee during a time when the Republican Party has the Presidency and Congress, I feel a special responsibility. And.. read more →

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This year protecting the rights of Virginians to register, vote, and have their votes counted is more important than ever.  The Democratic Party of Virginia will have a robust voter protection program in place on election day, but we need your help.   We will assist with the usual problems of long lines, equipment problems, and.. read more →

Below is a communication from the DNC Secretary Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake re our Convention and post-convention DNC meeting.  I have also attached links to the 2016 Platform, Credentials & Resolutions Committee Reports, and the resolution that creates the Unity Reform Commission to address delegate selection issues for 2020 including Superdelegates, caucuses, and open primaries.  DNC Meeting On.. read more →

VA DNC members Fred Hudson, Frank Leone, Steve Cochran, Doris Crouse-Mays, Atima Omara, Susan Swecker, Jennifer McClellan, and Yasmine Taeb

The new (2016-2020) Democratic National Committee met the morning after adjournment of the National Convention (July 29, 2016).  As is customary, it was a short meeting.  The DNC will next meet in Washington DC in January to elect a chair and other officers.  I want to recognize and thank our outgoing DNC Members George Wallace.. read more →

After the  Virginia Supreme Court overturned Gov. McAuliffe’s blanket restoration of voting rights to over 200,000 former felons, he begin the process of issuing individual orders, including to the 10,000+ who have already registered.  But I had the opportunity to read the Supreme Court Order (Howell v. McAulife) on the way to Philly, and the.. read more →

The Democratic National Convention’s Rules Committee adopted the proposed Convention  Agenda, Officer Slates, and Rules,  and a number of resolutions and charter amendments. Most importantly, one resolution calls for a Unity Reform Commission (URC) to make recommendations re  2020 Delegate Selection Rules, including reducing the role of “superdelegates.”  The Committee met for 9 hours, with long.. read more →

22 Jul 2016
July 22, 2016

2016 Democratic Party Platform

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Below is the final draft of the Democratic Party Platform, to be voted on at the Convention on Monday. And here’s the GOP 2016 platform.  Clear choices, people!      read more →