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Vote Wagner & Moran on Tuesday

At last – Tuesday is primary election day – Democrats can vote at their usual polling place, from 6 am to 7 pm.  Check here for your polling place.

Everyone knows that Lt. Governor is an important job – the LG advances the agenda of a Democratic Governor, is the party leader if there isn’t a Democratic Governor, presides over the Senate and breaks ties (important with a 21-19 Senate), and stands ready to assume the Governorship if necessary. 

Jody Wagner is far and away the best qualified candidate for LG – she served as in the Warner and Kaine Administrations as Treasurer and Secretary of Finance, helping manage the best managed state in the country and positioning Virginia to face the current economic crises.  She has held other real jobs including practicing law and starting a business while raising a family.  As a woman and a candidate from Tidewater, she adds diversity and balance to the ticket.  Jody is a solid Democrat having served as a state party officer, Democratic candidate for Congress, and strong supporter of Democratic candidates.  She will be the strongest candidate to beat Bill Bowling and the best qualified to serve.

The Governor’s race is a closer question in that there are other qualified candidates, but Brian Moran clearly remains the best choice.  Brian has tirelessly served in the General Assembly, fought for the Warner/Kaine agenda, and brought the party to the cusp of taking back the House of Delegates.  He knows and cares about issue like jobs, equal rights, and the environment, which are important to Virginians.  He is the only candidate with both the experience and the passion to lead the Democratic Party in what will be a very tough election.

Finally, congratulations to our Attorney General nominee Steve Shannon – his campaign hasn’t received much attention because he in unopposed for the nomination, but he has been steadily building a strong case and he will be an excellent AG.