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Virginia NOT Rocking the Vote

Rock the Vote recently issued its Voting System Scorecard, which  serves as a national benchmark that measures state laws and policies in three key areas: (1) voter registration, (2) casting a ballot and (3) young voter preparation.  The 21-point scale evaluates each state’s implementation of policies that increase access to the political process.  Virginia’s ranking?  Tied for LAST (with South Carolina).  We’ve got to do better.  See the Report.

6 thoughts on “Virginia NOT Rocking the Vote”

  1. My daughter, a conscientious young voter, registered to vote in her college town. The first year she went to her polling place, she was told by a worker at the precinct that she could not vote there. She stood her ground, and was allowed to vote, but I’m sure many college students are turned away in this manner.

  2. James – thanks for reading and commenting. But this country, and Virginia in particular, has a much longer history of preventing legitimate voting than actual fraud. In fact, there is little evidence of any organized fraud; there is ample evidence of GOP efforts to restrict voting, particularly targeted at minorities, young people, and other Democratic constitutencies. Acorn invovled people turing in phony signatures to collect money – someting that every campaign has to deal with. That’s why the campaigns check to make sure that people who sign petitions are registered and look for other evidence of fraud (e.g. similar handwriting). Acorn was a victim, not a perpetrator, of fraud. There was no evidence of false voting. See, e.g,

  3. Nobody “lives in fear of people actually voting” …. once each. Of course, by calling it “fear,” you are belittling those who believe in defending the integrity of the electoral process. That you ignore the well-document instances of voter fraud engaged in by Democrat-allied ACORN speaks volumes.

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