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OFA Wants You to Help Get Out the Vote in Virginia

Jeremy Bird, National Field Director for Obama for America sent out this email today.  DPVA Vice Chair Gaylene Kanoyton has also been working with the DNC on this issue.  If you haven’t signed up to help, please do.

“This weekend is our last chance to get out the vote for the Virginia elections on Tuesday.  The only way we’ll win elections like these is by making sure people in our communities get to the polls.   That’s what we’re doing every day from now until Tuesday — getting the word out about these elections on the phones and by reaching out in our neighborhoods.  If you can pitch in just a couple of hours, think of how many people you could reach who might not otherwise vote.   That could make the difference in an election like this.   This week, just one year out from Election Day 2012, thousands are committing to help build this campaign in their communities.  It’s not just about winning elections on Tuesday. The work we’re doing is building the neighborhood teams that form the foundation of how we organize, from now through next year.  People like you are the ones who create and carry out the strategies that grow this campaign.  Can you take your commitment to the next level by helping to shape the outcome on Tuesday?”

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