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GOP Elects “Old White Guy” as Chair

Interesting commentary  at Bearing Drift on the GOP’s new chair.  Recall the RPV Central Commitee removed chair Jeff Frederick in March and has now elected Pat Mullins as Chair, although  the RPV will elect a  Chair again (one of the Fredericks?) at the upcoming state convention.  [The qoute in the title is from Amy F’s facebook posting.]  What mess.  Doesn’t speak well for McDonnell/Bolling – they can’t even keep their own party organized.  Mullins is a former Fairfax [and Louisa] County Republican Commitee Chair.

UPDATE:   Frederick wimps out – won’t run for chair – but urges votes against “anointed” candidate.

1 thought on “GOP Elects “Old White Guy” as Chair”

  1. From Bearing Drift, McDonnell’s comments.

    Mullins was Chair of both Fairfax and Louisa. Not sure when he got “the good results” in Fairfax.

    4:25pm UPDATE: Bob McDonnell’s statement on the election of Pat Mullins after the break.

    Statement of Bob McDonnell on Election of Pat
    Mullins as Chairman of the Republican Party of

    Winchester-Bob McDonnell, Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Attorney General of Virginia, issued the following statement today regarding the election of Pat Mullins as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

    “I commend the members of the State Central Committee for the professional manner in which they have handled the transition of leadership within our Party. Today’s election of Pat Mullins provides our Party with a dedicated, conscientious conservative leader who comes from the grassroots of our Party, and who knows what it takes to win in a competitive state. Pat has exceptionally led the Fairfax County and Louisa County Republican committees with skill and good results. He is committed to bringing in new voters to the Republican Party by demonstrating how our conservative principles lead to the common sense solutions that will create new jobs, provide more opportunities and make this a better Virginia for all our citizens. I am confident he will unite the business and activist base in our party, bring in independent voters, and help us win in November. I look forward to working with Pat Mullins and our grassroots Republican leaders during this pivotal election year.”

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