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Bad Voting Bills

First, as NLS reports, the GOP continues their efforts to make voting harder — in this case, by requiring people who don’t have IDs to vote a provisional ballot, and, presumably then have to defend their vote at the canvass the day after the election  (HB 948).  For the past century, Virginia’s problem has been voter intimidation and too few people voting; it hasn’t been fraud and going beyond the current ID requirements is unnecessary. 

Second, the DNC and the DPVA are on record in support of verifiable voting, but legislation has been introduced to reverse the ban on buying new paperless electronic voting machines (SB 732), which is being opposed by the VVC of Virginia.  There is room for improvement in voting, but moving backwards doesn’t seem to be the answer.  By the way, every election since 2005, I have taken election promotion calls from folks who complained that their electronic machines were not registering Democratic votes — according to the registrars, there was some problem with machine calibration.  

Good voting bills include those supporting early voting, restoration of voting rights, and bipartisan redistricting.  See generally LIS for bill information.