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Help Protect Voters Without a Photo ID

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To implement the photo ID legislation enacted last year (SB 1256), the State Board of Elections (SBE) is developing the process for Registered Voters who lack one of the eligible photo IDs to obtain one free of charge from their local voter registrar. The voter must complete an application form. The proposed form states that requesting a photo ID when you may already have one is a felony and requires those requesting the free ID to swear that they do not have one. Virginia Organizing, and The League of Women Voters of Virginia also oppose the inclusion of the felony statement.  Such a declaration is unnecessary, unwarranted, intimidating and not required by the legislative language. Please Take Action and Submit Comments before March 24, 2014 – click here.

Results of the 2012 VA State Democratic Convention

Over 2,000 Democrats assembled for the state convention on Saturday, June 2nd at George Mason University Center for the Arts.

The Steering Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia convened Friday evening for their regular quarterly meeting, followed by the Democratic Asian-Americans of Virginia Reception as well as a tribute to Senator Jim Webb. At the Webb dinner Arlington Democrat and early Brigade organizer Mary Detweiler recalled the history of the Brigade Movement. Senator Donald McEachin and former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne each reminisced about the Election in 2006. It was a great event and truly a great tribute to Senator Webb.Read More »Results of the 2012 VA State Democratic Convention

DNC Re-Election Supporters List

I am seeking election to a second term on the DNC (Democratic National Committee) at the DPVA State Convention on June 2, and I have been contacting folks around the state to ask for their support.  Many of these are people I worked with in the Young Democrats, on local committees, on the DPVA Central Committee, in support of progressive issues, as part of protect and promote the vote activities, and/or in support of Democratic local, state, and national candidates.  Others are people who will be delegates to the State Convention who I have met for the first time.

I am releasing today an initial supporters list consisting of good Democrats from every corner of the Commonwealth – from Bristol to Virginia Beach to Northern Virginia. The list includes elected officials, Democratic Committee members, and other activists.  It also includes leaders in the Virginia Black Caucus, the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia, the Asian-American Caucus, the LGBT Caucus, the Veterans and Military Families Caucus, the Young Democrats, and leaders in Labor and business.Read More »DNC Re-Election Supporters List

DPVA Summit July 15-16

The first-ever Virginia Summit, which will be held on July 15th-16th at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, will offer two days of intensive training, policy and message briefings, career advancement advice and fellowship with Democratic elected officials, candidates, professionals, and activists from every level. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for Virginia Democrats to come together and build the tools, skills and policy knowledge we need to elect our candidates in the fall and move this Commonwealth forward. Read More »DPVA Summit July 15-16