Gulf spill, our energy future and more

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10 Sep 2009
September 10, 2009

Deeds on Health Care

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All Virginians who want better health care and health insurance reform should support Creigh Deeds.  Here’s Creigh’s health care plan.  Here’s Creigh’s statement on President Obama’s game-chaging speech last night: The President challenged all of us to help solve America’s health care crisis. I think Democrats and Republicans all agree that rising health care costs..

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14 Aug 2009
August 14, 2009

Health Care – Reason and Empathy


How in the world did the health care debate get so ugly?  This isn’t about sacrificing the well being of the American people on the altars of Communism or Corporate Greed.  It is – or it should be – about  an issue that directly affects everyone and how to make the system work better for..

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All Virginians should support Creigh Deeds, but here are some answers to progressive Northern Virginians who might ask why they should work hard to elect Creigh. He works for the people.  Creigh is the real deal – he is honest, genuine, and sincere.  He is an experienced prosecutor and state legislator who has built his career as a consensus..

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