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DPVA Weekly Top 5 for June 15, 2011

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  1. Every Democrat’s favorite Republican re-emerges
    We all remember former Delegate and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick as a barely coherent right-winger who could always be counted upon to do or say something to embarrass his party, and who was drummed out of power by Bob McDonnell and party elite for that very reason. Well now he’s back! Last week he filed to run in a Republican primary for the right to challenge Senator Toddy Puller in November. With that in mind, the DPVA put together a video reel of some of Frederick’s more colorful moments to date as a way of welcoming him back. Click here to read about the DPVA’s celebration of the return of Jeff Frederick and to watch the video we prepared.Read More »DPVA Weekly Top 5 for June 15, 2011