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Yes, Coffee Please

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  • February 23, 2010February 24, 2010

It’s great that progressive activists are promoting efforts like The Coffee Party Movement and Teabusters, but the use of such terminology suggests that the efforts are simply a reaction to the Tea Party efforts.   They are not.  We supported President Obama in 2008 because we wanted to change the way things were done in Washington, we wanted government that was responsive to the concerns of the American people and not special interests, and we wanted a government that would respect our Constitutional rights. That’s what Tea Party Queen Sarah condescendingly refers to as “that hopey-changey thing.” The Spirit of 2008 was, and is, all about Change. Not reactionary, fearful, angry, nativist (and sometimes racist) change, but progressive, constructive, and yes hopeful change. The Obama Administration has taken some steps toward changing Washington, including barring lobbyists from government positions and publicizing White House visitors. It has respected the Constitution by curtailing illegal and banning torture. In his State of the Union message, President Obama challenged Congress to publicize earmarks. But they need to do much more – Congressional Democrats should advance a reform agenda and change the way Washington works.   We should support groups like OFA, the Coffee Party Movement, and others that are continuing to work for that change.  [This post has been revised to make it clearer.]