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Health Care Reform!

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We need to continue spreading the truth about how the health care reform legislation will help the American people – starting now.  See:

  immediate_key_provisions.pdf (133.2 KiB, 851 hits)

The “Republicant” (thanks Ed) response has been interesting:

  • Attack the process by claiming that the most debated legislation in the history of the universe was “secret,” and that Democrats tried to push it through without a vote – although we all saw the vote.
  • Criticize the bill because it doesn’t have Republican ideas, although it’s not single payer, has no public option, and incorporates market-based solutions that Republicans have endorsed.
  • Move to recommit and attack Bart Stupak (of all people) as a “baby killer” because the bill will allow federal funding of abortion – I wish it did, but it doesn’t, and the provisions for prenatal and child health care make the bill very baby-friendly.
  • Challenge the constitutionality of the bill by filing frivolous lawsuits, including one funded by Virginia taxpayers.  As I understand it, AG Cooch objects to the provision requiring people to purchase insurance from a private entity – this problem could be solved by requiring people to contribute to a government sponsored program (like Medicare) – so I assume he supports a “mandatory public option” for people who don’t want to buy private insurance.

Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard for the passage of the health care bill.