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Why I Like Terry McAuliffe

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Terry McAuliffe is a strong candidate and will be a great Governor of Virginia.  Here are some of the reasons why I like him:

  1. He is the most enthusiastic and energetic person in the Universe.  His wife Dorothy says “he barely sleeps.”  I believe this.
  2. He is a leader who knows how to manage businesses, organizations, and people and can get things done.
  3. He has and will create jobs and focus on common sense fiscal responsibility.
  4. He listens to Virginians.  Especially over the last four years, he has travelled around Virginia and listened to our concerns. He can represent all Virginians as Governor.
  5. He supports equality of opportunity for all Virginians.
  6. He is a moderate/progressive Democrat in the mold of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and will fight for our economic, education, transportation, and other concerns.
  7. He is committed to electing Democrats statewide, in the House of Delegates, and in local offices in 2013.  I am tired of being embarrassed by our state government.  It’s time for a change in the House as well as the Governor’s office.
  8. He can work with President Obama and supports his policies that will help Virginians.
  9. He has broad support from Virginia Democrats, including outgoing Party Chair Brian Moran.
  10. He can beat  Ken Cucinelli.  The elevation of the Attorney General to the governorship would be an extraordinary step backward for Virginians.  Terry can keep Virginia moving Forward!