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VOTE, GIVE, WORK – Tuesday, November 2

I have gotten behind with this site – not due to an enthusiasm deficit, but rather a work surplus.  Better than the alternative, but no excuse.   Tuesday is a critical election day.  Virginia can reelect our four threatened Democratic incumbents and continue the Change – a process which we knew would never be easy, but still offers hope and opportunity and is so much better than the alternative.  So please support Congressmen Periello, Nye, Boucher, Connolly and the other Virginia Democratic candidates:

1.  Vote – early if you can, but otherwise on Tuesday.   To find your voting place, check here.

2.  Give – Democrats need money to counter the influx of GOP/Tea Party/Secret money – check out Actblue/Va and give to one or more of your favorite House candidates.

3.  Work – volunteer for your Democratic congressional candidate or local Democratic Committee – the cool new DPVA website even offers an opportunity to make calls from your own home.  Check out the DPVA Action Center page.

I’ll be doing election day lawyer stuff (Promote and Protect the Vote) – to help, contact  If you are aware of election day problems, you can call the DNC Voter Protection Hotline (1-800-311-VOTE (8683)).

Take it away Mr. President: