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Virginia Voting – Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or problems voting on election day, contact the Democratic Party of Virginia’s hotline:  (844) 4VA-VOTE (844-482-8683).

Also, here’s a list of useful references for local committees and volunteers, summarized from the Virginia Department of Elections.

Virginia Voting Information from the VA Department of Elections (updated 11/6/2022)

  1. Election Day Guide For Officers of Election (v 8/2022)
  2. What If’s (v 10/2022) “What to do when … A complete guide for helping voters with exceptional situations”
  3. Do’s and Don’ts (v 9/2022) “Dos and Don’ts for Campaigners and Authorized Representatives”
  4. Same Day Registration Processes and Procedures (v 8/2022) – NEW THIS YEAR!
  5. Voter Identification Chart (v 4/21)
  6. Provisional Voter Notice (v 8/22)


  1. Summary of 2022 Election Law Changes 
  2. Voter Complaint Form