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Virginia GOP Primary Ballot Access Updates

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Too much is happening too fast for me to update this blog, so friend me (Frank Leone) on Facebook and/or follow me on twitter, @demrulz – I am commenting and sharing information as I get it.  For the best new source, follow @RyanNobles.  For those of us who follow these kinds of issues (KW and JB), this is heaven. 

Paul Goldman is up at 2 pm with his legislative fixes (which are doomed to fail in this session).  The DPVA has worked for the three primary cycles to ease ballot access and the GOP has blocked those efforts each time; it looks like they are now on board, which should make the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee happy for 2016.  One question is will easier ballot access trickle down to statewide races (which have the same 10,000 signature, 400 per CD requirements)?