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VA 2012 Delegate Selection Plan Public Comment

DPVA sent out a reminder that the 2012 Draft Delegate Selection Plan for the national convention is online  here – Comments must be submitted by May 4, 2011.  Take a look and share it with your political networks.   Note that the DNC has taken the position that the current Congressional Districts will be used to elect delegates to the 2012 convention.  Here’s my comment:

Unlike the model DNC plan, the Virginia plan calls for the Party to reach out to internet websites to publicize the delegate selection process.  See Sec. VII.C.2.  The Affirmative Action Plan, Exhibit B lists print, TV and radio contacts (although this list should be updated from 2008), but consider adding a list of websites/blogs that will also receive notices concerning the process.  Democrats certainly don’t always agree with the statements contained in various blogs, but we don’t always agree with the editorials in the Times-Dispatch either.  The question is how best can we inform and involve Democrats in the process and blogs are a part of that answer.  As part of its outreach process, the Affirmative Action Committee should also plan to use facebook and other social media. Thanks.