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Tell the DNC What You Think about Iowa, and NH, and the Rest of the Rules

The Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee has begun the process of drafting the Call and Delegate Selection Rules for the 2024 Democratic National Convention.  Those documents will be finalized at RBC’s August 5-6, 2022 meetings for consideration by the DNC at its September 8, 2022 meeting.  State parties will then submit their State Delegate Selection plans by May 2023 and the DNC will review and approve final plans between May and September 2023.  State Parties will implement those plans starting in September 2023 and the first primaries will likely be in February 2024.  So that’s why we are starting now.

The most discussed issue concerns which states will be allowed to hold contests in the pre-window period (i.e., prior to the first Tuesday  in March). Since 2008, those states have been Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  Those and approximately 15 other states will be considered.  The  committee will then select up to five states to hold early contests based on a set of criteria that include diversity, competitiveness in the general election, and the ability to administer a transparent and verifiable process.

The DNC has set up a website with information about the delegate selection process here: .  You can review the 2020 Delegate Selection Rules and the Resolution guiding this year’s early state selection process.  You can also tune in on the last two listening sessions – May 25, 5-8 pm and June 1, 4-7 pm.  Finally, you can submit your comments – all using that website.

I look forward to reviewing your comments.