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Sen. Locke Supports DPVA Redistricting Resolution

I would like to share the attached statement from State Senator Mamie Locke in support of the DPVA Resolution favoring the Senate-endorsed Congressional redistricting plan.   Some have raised concerns that the reduced African-American percentage of the Third CD will make election of an African-American Congressman from that district unlikely.  Senator Locke points out that:  “The Senate Congressional plan is crucial to ensuring that minorities have an opportunity to vote for a candidate of choice as well as maintain one majority-minority district.”  I would also add that I worked the polls in Cong. Scott’s first election to the State Senate and that district that was 30% African-American.  The DPVA should support Sen. Locke’s plan.   

  Statement_of_Senator_Locke.pdf (35.3 KiB, 1,036 hits)