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Behind closed doors with a group of his wealthy donors, Mitt Romney disdainfully insults and writes off half of the country.  As a candidate for President of the United States, Mitt Romney shockingly declared to a group of wealthy donors that nearly half of the American people – 47 percent – view themselves as “victims,” entitled to handouts, and unwilling to take “personal responsibility” for their lives.  It’s hard to be president of all the people when you write off half of them. Please see Mother Jones’ exclusive video of Mitt Romney’s behind closed door remarks.   But here are the facts on the Americans Romney dismisses – an overwhelmingly majority of whom are seniors, working families, students or people with disabilities.

  • The vast majority of these Americans pay a significant percentage of their income in taxes – whether they are federal payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes or other state and local taxes. They often pay even a higher share of their income in these taxes than wealthier families, like Mitt Romney’s.
  • Well over half – 61 percent – are workers who actually pay federal payroll taxes, which can include military families, cops, firefighters, or teachers.
  • Additionally, in 2011, these families included nearly 20 million seniors, more than half of all seniors in America.
  • Finally, Romney’s Policy Specifics. On a day that started with his senior advisors indicating Romney would finally discuss specifics of his policies, Romney said it best himself, behind closed doors with his wealthy donors. But it’s hard to serve as a president of all Americans when you fail the character test and write off and insult half the country you want to lead.