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Protecting the Vote

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We will have a number of Voter Protection training sessions around the Commonwealth tomorrow – sign up with Victory Counsel here.

As you know, the Democratic Party has a long history of fighting for and protecting the rights of voters.  And this year, the DNC has continued to promote a system of elections that is accessible, open, and fair.  The DNC Voting Rights Institute, headed by DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazile, has issued a new report – Voting Rights 2012: Restoring Progress.  Despite Republican legislative efforts to make voting more difficult this year, courts have struck down many of those laws.  The updated report outlines Democrats’ victories and details our voter protection organizing efforts on the ground.  You can go to the VRI page for more information and regular updates from Chief Counsel and Voter Protection Director Will Crossley.  For all the progress we’ve made this year, challenges remain and there is still much to do.  See notice above.   Hope to see you on Saturday.  

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