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Protect and Promote the Vote 2012

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We have posted many stories on the 2012 GOP voter suppression efforts – in response, the Democratic Party needs to have a four part strategy – (1) oppose restrictive legislation in state legislatures; (2) challenge legislation and restrictive voting practices in court; (3) have a network of lawyers available for election day – and leading up to election day and for the post-election day canvasses; and (4) educate voters about new requirements, so they bring appropriate ID or whatever it is they have to do to comply with the new restrictive requirements.

Lawyers, law students, and others interested in pre-, post-, and election day activities in Virginia should sign up with Virginia Victory here – training will start soon and we need to build a large network.  Please let me know if you have questions.

In general, you can follow and support the DNC Voting Rights Institute, here.