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On the Eve of 2008, Looking to 2012

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DenverDenver.  On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, both parties are looking ahead to the 2012 nomination process.  Democrats this week will likely vote to establish a commission to address calendar (moving back most primaries a month), primary vs. caucus, and super delegate issues. The GOP, however, will consider a proposal to fix its rules which will purport to establish a calendar providing for rotating, group primaries on three successive Tuesdays, late in the process.

But as this year dramatically demonstrated, what national party committees want to do – and what states (and state parties) do – can be dramatically different.  Moreover, scheduling primaries requires state legislative action and the national parties should coordinate. The alternative is party run primaries on different days, e.g., South Carolina. Who wants that?

Look for Democratic action at the Rule Committee meeting tomorrow.

Off to enjoy the rest of my birthday.