DNC 2016

The new (2016-2020) Democratic National Committee met the morning after adjournment of the National Convention (July 29, 2016).  As is customary, it was a short meeting.  The DNC will next meet in Washington DC in January to elect a chair and other officers.  I want to recognize and thank our outgoing DNC Members George Wallace and Sandra Brandt.  Meeting Highlights:

  • Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazille presided, gave a rousing unity speech, noting that this election is “a civil rights battle” in which no US citizen should be denied the right to vote.  Regarding recent DNC internal issues, she indicated that “we screwed up and we are sorry” and appropriate and fair steps would be taken, and “we are getting back on the path forward.”
  • She then introduced fellow “southern Catholic” Tim Kaine, who gave a short upbeat talk before heading off to campaign in Pennsylvania.
  • The DNC elected Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) to fill the Vice Chair vacancy created by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s resignation.
  • Former Congressman Tony Coehlo announced that the DNC would establish a Disability Council – Virginia has taken the lead on this issue and we will be involved with this effort going forward.
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