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More on the Eminent Domian Constitutional Amendment

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On November 6, 2012, Virginia voters will consider two somewhat complicated amendments to Virginia’s Constitution.   It is important that Virginians understand these amendments prior to the election, so that they can make an informed decision and don’t spend a lot of time in the voting booth contemplating the issues while others are waiting vote.  As reported below, the Democratic Party of Virginia Central Committee at it September meeting recommended a vote against the amendment that writes restrictions on the state’s eminent domain rights into the Constitution and for more flexibility regarding the scheduling of the veto session.   Here is the resolution and some additional resources regarding the eminent domain amendment:

The Virginia State Board of Elections has some information and a brochure, including the text of the actual ballot langauge, which frankly is worded in such a way so as to support passage.

Here’s some info from ballotpedia; here is also a good analysis with some links from a law firm firm blog.

Virginia’s Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a big supporter of the amendment, see here.

Finally, here is a good op-ed summarizing why the Amendment is not necessary – primarily because the Va. Code already prevents abuses of eminent domain authority, and an editorial from the Roanoke Times that asserts the amendment will cost local government. 

  DPVA Res - 2012 Constitutional Amendments (92.1 KiB, 1,842 hits)