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Message from Chairman Moran

Dear Friend:

I want to take a moment and tell you how grateful and humbled I am to have the opportunity to serve you as the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia.  I decided to run to be your Chairman because I believe we can maintain our State Senate majority, take back the House of Delegates, keep Virginia blue by re-electing Sen. Jim Webb and President Obama in 2012 and electing a Democratic governor in 2013. 

Achieving those goals and building a better Commonwealth for every family will take a lot of work and a solid plan, but with your help I believe we can get the job done. As Chairman, my top priorities are:

•    Recommitting the DPVA to communicating with our local committees, grassroots activists, core supporters and the voting public. We cannot move forward until we develop and communicate a strong message that shows every Virginian what Democrats are about and why we deserve your vote.

•    Building a new farm team of Democratic candidates around the state by working with local committees to recruit Democratic candidates in every jurisdiction and district in the state in 2011.

•    Improving upon our party’s organizational infrastructure to help Democrats across the state organize in their communities and get more Democratic voters to the polls in November.

•    Empowering people like you to take ownership of this great party and help us build a structure that represents every Virginia Democrat and ensures the long-term success of our great party.

Virginia Democrats have always been the leading voice for good jobs, good schools and equal opportunity for every family. With the help of great leaders like Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Jim Webb and Barack Obama we have made great gains on behalf of the people of this Commonwealth. But now those gains are under attack by Republicans who put their political agendas ahead of middle-class families.

I hope you will join me today and help the DPVA get Virginia moving forward again.


Brian J. Moran

P.S. The work has already begun.  I’m already coordinating with party staff and leaders to finalize our plans, and I’m holding a grassroots fundraiser on December 16th in Richmond.  I’ll be traveling across Virginia in the coming months, and I look forward to meeting with your local committee as soon as possible.  I intend to start 2011 strong, and I hope I can count on your help in the days ahead. Click here to make a contribution to the DPVA and help us get Virginia moving forward again.