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Italian Democrats

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Recently I was fortunate enough to meet with the leadership of the Italian American Democratic Leadership Council, and members of the Italian Parliament representing the Italian Democratic Party (Partito Democratico, PD).  The PD is the primary moderate-progressive party in Italy, is supporting the current technocratic government of Mario Monti, and wants to lead Italy into the post-Berlusconi era.  The PD representatives wanted to forge better contacts with American political leaders, and the DNC.  They were optimistic about Italy’s economic and political future and looking forward to national elections in 2013.  We also discussed efforts to encourage Italian-American voters to support President Obama.  The IADLC will host an event at the Democratic National Convention, and our Italian guests will attend.  You are invited too.

Also, here is IADLC President Bob Blancato’s statement on Paul Ryan, criticizing his budget plan to cut medicare, medicaid, support for education, and for those who need help.