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#Inauguration Update #4 – Getting Around

A week to go until President Obama’s inauguration on Monday, January 21!  The weather is supposed to be cold, but probably not as freezing as four years ago; we can only hope.  The authorities are providing more details as to the logistics.  Although fewer people are expected than four years ago, there will be road closures, parking restrictions, and special metro rules.  Here are some links with the all-important logistical information:

This site shows road closures (starting 3 am inauguration day) and parking and bridge restrictions (“traffic diverted” on Roosevelt bridge).  Metro will be open from 4 am monday until 2 am tuesday, on rush hour schedule (more trains) from opening until monday at 9 pm.  The site also shows pedestrian access for the swearing in and parade.  Here is some more detailed road closure information (note streets closed to pedestrians as well as cars).  Here is a good NPS link that links to the Secret Service, who makes all these access decisions.

Here is some swearing-in information.  And texts of past inaugural addresses, hereHere is inaugural parade watching information for those with tickets, and not.

Get your Presidential Inaugural Committee App.  And don’t forget the day of service.  Here’s HuffPost’s guide to the unofficial inaugural balls.

Follow me on twitter @demrulz for updates.  I look forward to seeing you at the Virginia Democratic Black Caucus Ball Saturday night and the DPVA Inaugural Ball Sunday night!