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Vote Herring for Attorney General – June 11

Virginia’s Attorney General is responsible for running the Commonwealth’s law firm, representing Virginia in court, providing legal advice to government officials, and supporting legislative initiatives.  The Attorney General should have experience – both in the courtroom and with the General Assembly – and a commitment to legal principles, rather than a narrow ideological agenda. 

Mark Herring has practiced law in Loudoun country for 23 years, served as a County Supervisor for 4 years, and as a Virginia State Senator for 7 years and is exceptionally well qualified to serve as Attorney General.  As a member of the State Senate, he has worked to create jobs, fund transportation solutions, preserve Virginia’s environment,  and protect civil rights, including women’s reproductive rights, the voting rights of all Virginians, and marriage equality. In 2012, Mark received a “Champion of Justice” award from the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys because he took on tough issues like designer drugs and protecting victims of domestic violence.

He has opposed Attorney General Cucchinelli’s policy of seeking maximum publicity in the pursuit of an extreme right wing agenda, and will focus on defending Virginians and their families, defending their rights, and seeking economic fairness.   The GOP AG candidate (a Tea Party favorite) is also a State Senator, and Mark is well suited to take him on directly and demonstrate that Virginians want an AG who will represent all of  their interests.  You can find out more about Mark here.

I was lucky enough to spend a summer working for Gerry Baliles when he served as Virginia’s Attorney General and Mark will continue in that tradition.

I urge you to join me for Mark on June 11, 2013.  You can vote at your regular polling place (check it here) from 6 am to 7 pm.  Thanks