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I understand that some folks like guns, but one handgun a month ought to be enough, and the General Assembly should focus on other issues.  (But not voter supression and restricting choice.)

Richmond, VA – Governor Tim Kaine released the following statement today regarding the Virginia Senate’s vote to repeal Virginia’s one handgun per month law:

“I am very disappointed in the General Assembly’s actions toward repeal of one of Governor Doug Wilder’s signature achievements – Virginia’s one handgun per month law. I was also disappointed to see that at least two of the individuals in this U.S. Senate race, George Allen and Bob Marshall, have already voiced support for repeal of this legislation. I hope that others will stand with me in supporting this common sense measure which has improved public safety in Virginia and helped the Commonwealth shake its reputation as a supplier of handguns along the East Coast. The long-standing law strikes an appropriate balance between the 2nd amendment rights of Virginians and the public safety interests of our citizens.

“Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, Republicans in the General Assembly have taken a misguided and disappointing deviation into divisive social issues. At a time when too many of our fellow Virginians are still struggling in a tough economy, our leaders in Richmond should be focused on the issues that matter like education, jobs, economic development, workforce development, and transportation. I strongly urge Governor McDonnell to veto this legislation and urge all of Virginia’s leaders in Richmond to renew their commitment to a focus on jobs and the economy.”