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Getting Obama on the Ballot

Congratulations to petition coordinator Barbara Kanninen and all the OFA-Virginia volunteers who collected and filed with the State Board of Elections petitions containing more than 15,000 signatures to get President Obama on Virginia’s ballot.  Story here and here.  Virginia state law requires presidential candidates to submit 10,000 signatures prior to the December 22, 2011 deadline (with at least 400 from each congressional district).  Once the SBE approves the paperwork, the petitions are sent to the DPVA for review and certification of President  Obama as a candidate.  If, as expected, President Obama is the only candidate who files, he will be declared the winner of the March 6, 2012 primary and will be awarded all of Virginia’s national convention delegates.   If more than one Republican presidential candidate collects the required number of signatures, there will be a Republican primary on March 6 to allocate their national convention delegates.  (Check in on this Site for updates regarding the delegate selection process.)