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DPVA Steering Committee Meets

Chair Brian Moran and First Vice Chair  Gaylene  Kanoyton  are setting a new tone of openness, activity, and organization for the DPVA.  Here are some of the DPVA Steering Committee meeting highlights:

  • Welcome three new members – representatives of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia, Veterans and Military Families and LGBT Caucuses.
  • JJ – over 1,400 attendees expected – more than last year
  • DPVA communications has stepped up – daily messages
  • OFA – report re regional training, preparing additional Protect our Progress and Win the Future messaging tools.  Also focusing on small business organizing. The Chair has set up an ad hoc committee to develop plans for a party “summit” that will include OFA presentations.
  • VC for Organization Gaylene Kanoyten:
    • Had first Webinar training in March (social media) – will have access to all webinars at website.
    • Preparing a new chair organizational materials.
    • Will present our first Innovation Award at luncheon tomorrow.
    • The Chair has appointed an ad hoc committee to evaluate responses to a questionnaire and identify necessary changes for our quarterly meetings.  For starters, we are increasing the professionalism of the meetings, including credentials identifying members.  This will be an ongoing process of making our meetings more worthwhile.
  • VC for Outreach Sen.  Donald McEachin – organizing seniors counsel and interfaith coalition constituency groups.
  • VC for Rules Fred Hudson
    • Endorsed two of the three resolutions on the 2012 National Convention Delegate Selection process — allocating delegates by presidential primary and choosing those delegates at a state Democratic convention.
    • The third resolution addressed city/county and Congressional District delegate apportionment formulas – the proposal, consistent with 2008, based that apportionment on Democratic vote – it was proposed that the formulas also reflect population in addition to Democratic vote.  The Steering Committee recommended postponing the vote on allocation and having the steering committee meet by conference call and then have each CD chair poll its district committee to select the allocation formula – a very unusual process.
    • Endorsed Party Plan change to clarify that the Treasurer oversees safekeeping of funds
  • Adopted DPVA Budget proposal