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DPVA Steering and Central Committees Meet

The Democratic Party of Virginia held its quarterly State Central and Steering Committee meetings in Harrisonburg this weekend.   Highlights included:

  • Attorney General Mark Herring and State Senator Dick Saslaw talked about the importance of electing the Democratic ticket – 38 days from now.
  • The Committees got updates from the Statewide and coordinated campaigns and their priorities for the next 38 days – the McAuliffe and coordinated campaigns really are undertaking a grassroots effort to reach voters that is unprecedented in a governor’s race – if we can turn out many of the voters who elected Obama last year plus the independents and even Republicans who are supporting Terry this year, we win.
  • Deputy General Counsel Liz Howard gave an update on voter protection efforts – if you are an attorney and would like to help, please contact me.
  • We recognized our DisAbility and Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia caucuses, whose leaders will have seats on the Steering Committee.  These have been active groups reaching out to those constituencies, as well as educating the party about important issues.  Weclome!
  • Efforts to develop the Virginia Democratic Business Caucus continue.
  • We adopted a couple of Party Plan amendments – changing the party’s fiscal year and modernizing notice requirements.
  • We adopted four resolutions concerning labor, economic fairness, science-based policy, and voting rights.
  • Our chair, Del. Charnielle Herring, and our staff, headed by ED Lauren Harmon are the best – among other things, Del. Herring runs smooth and productive meetings.
  • Did I mention we have 38 days until the election? Let’s win.