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DPVA Meeting – New Chair, New Start

The Virginia Democratic Party Central Committee held its quarterly meeting today and elected Brian Moran as its new Chair.   Brian is an accomplished and articulate leader who can deliver the Democratic party’s message, build party structures, recruit candidates, raise money, and reinvigorate the party.   Peter Rousellot moved to make Brian’s election unanimous and Brian invited Peter to continue his efforts.   Turning things around for Virginia Democrats after the past two years, of course, will take far more than a new Chair.  There numerous party-building opportunities for party officers, staff, local committee members, party activists, bloggers and concerned voters to contribute.

The Party also amended the Party Plan to add representatives of the Latino, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender and Veterans and Military Families caucuses to the Steering Committee.  This is the latest step in a long (and continuing) process to increase the diversity of the Party and give important constituencies a seat at the table.   Each Congressional District Committee has a member on the statewide outreach committee and also should have a member on the statewide finance committee.

The Hampton/Newport News Committees did an excellent job with meeting arrangments.  Our next meeting will be in Richmond, Feb 18-20 and will coincide with our major annual JJ fundraising dinner.    That weekend will feature training, workshops and other more interactive and productive activities – hopefully the beginning of a new approach to these quarterly meetings.  (see next post.)