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DPVA Kicks Off 2012 State Convention Resolutions Process

In years in which the Democratic Party of Virginia holds a State Convention, the Convention considers resolutions (or a Platform) presented by the its Resolutions Committee.  In 2001 and 2005, the Central Committee adopted platforms drafted by its Resolutions Committee (which I chaired).  See DPVA Platforms

This year, the DPVA is holding a series of telephone conference calls to hear Democrats’ views on important issues. The calls will be held on:  Monday, May 14, 8-9 pm for Congressional Districts 8, 10, 11; Tuesday, May 15, 8-9 pm for Congressional Districts 1, 7, 3,2 ; and Wednesday, May 16, 8-9 pm Congressional Districts 4, 5, 6, 9. For each of the calls, the Phone Number: 605-475-4000, Access Code: 110644#.  Congressional District Conventions usually also have a resolutions process, so interested Democrats should contact their CD Committees

Between State Conventions, any member of the Central Committee can propose a resolution – and can do so on behalf of a local or CD committee.  The Resolutions Committee carefully considers the resolutions before forwarding them to the full Central Committee for action.  The DPVA Steering Committee can only make recommendations on Resolutions – it cannot prevent the Central Committee from considering them.  See Party Plan sec. 14.7.  In 2008, I wrote a post providing background on the evolution of the resolutions process

As an active Democrat, I have written dozens and supported hundreds of progressive resolutions.  Regarding health care, in September of 2009, I proposed a brief resolution supporting President Obama’s health care initiative; the Resolutions Committee voted to postpone consideration of the issue until after the November election. In December of 2009,  I voted for a health care resolution that included support of a public option, which the Central Committee adopted.  As for Citizens United, the Central Committee in 2010 and 2011 adopted resolutions opposing that decision and calling for corrective actions.  I supported both of these resolutions.  The Central Committee also twice debated supporting a Constitutional Amendment to overrule Citizens United. Like the ACLU, I do not favor amending  the First Amendment and I did not think an amendment was the most effective way of addressing the issue, but the Central Committee was able to have full discussions of the resolutions.