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DPVA June Quarterly Meeting

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The DPVA held its steering and central committee meetings this weekend in Charlotesville.  Some highlights:

  • The committee filed two recently vacated officer positions:  Gaylene Kanoyton (Hampton chair) was elected as Vice Chair for Organization (First Vice Chair) over Susan Mariner (Virginia Beach Chair); they were both excellent candidates and the competition for this job – which focuses on development of local Democratic committees – is a sign of a rejuvinated party.  Jon Bowerbank was elected as Vice Chair of Finance – fundraising will be a challenge in that off year and it was great for Jon to accept this task.  Central Committee members and all Virginia Democrats need to help these officers to achieve the party’s goals.
  • Executive Director Dave Mills reviewed the party’s top goals for 2010 – relection and election of our Democratic Congressmen.  The party will be providing assistance in critical areas including voter registration, voter identificiation, and GOTV for our excellent candidates.  In 2010, as in 2008, Virginia will be a crucial battleground in the fight for change.
  • Mike Henry briefed Steering Committee on the party’s new strategic plan.
  • 5th CD Congressman Tom Perriello gave a terrific speech about working for change, including discussing the economic opportunities that can arise from oil independence.  He’s a great congressman, and it’s a tough district, but it was tough to beat an incumbent in 2008 and Cong. Perriello is up to the challenge.
  • Alfonso Lopez discussed a proposal for adding new caucus chairs to the steering committee – it will be revised and considered at the September meeting.
  • Vice Chair for Outreach Sen. Donald McEachin discussed the new outreach plan.
  • Vice Chair for Technology and Communications Craig Feifer announced that the DPVA website, which is in critical need of an update, will be revised in August.
  • The DPVA is activating a Disability Issues caucus, which will hold a kickoff lunch on July 22 in Richmond to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Virginians with Disabilities Act and the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Contact Tyee Davenport @
  • The Black Caucus of the DPVA held its annual Juneteenth luncheon at the Darden School, with an overflow crowd and speeches from State Senators Mamie Locke and Henry Marsh.   This excellent event gets better every year.
  • Jim Leaman, longtime president of the state AFL-CIO and the DPVA labor caucus is retiring to Florida.  Jim was a great leader for all Democrats and working people and I am proud to have taken the seat he vacated when he did not seek reelection to the DNC.  Thanks  for everything Jim.
  • Va Democrats are helping with the House of Delegates special elections on Tuesday, June 15th –  Kai Degner in Harrisonburg and Bill Brown in Chesterfield.
  • I was able to at least drive by The University and visit the ever vibrant Downtown Mall.  Charlottesville is a great town.