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DPVA Fact Sheet on Signer Petitions

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DPVA released the following statement earlier this evening.  I will be posting my comments on the matter shortly.


·       On March 10, the Democratic Party of Virginia sent a set of rules to each declared candidate.

·       On March 26, Michael Signer submitted his petitions, with more than 13,000 signatures.

·       The DPVA began reviewing the petitions of Mike Signer on Monday, April 13.

·       In reviewing these petitions, party staffers found that nearly 4,000 signatures lacked a street address for the circulator. The circulator in question is a registered voter in Virginia. There were no other problems on other petitions.

·       Upon recognizing this concern, Party Chairman C. Richard Cranwell and General Counsel Seth Stark suggested that the Party seek the opinion of the State Board of Elections. Party Executive Levar Stoney wrote a letter to the SBE, requesting their guidance.

·       The SBE responded with an advisory letter on April 14th. The letter states that the SBE “accepts Petitions of Qualified Voters which contain omissions in the affidavit as valid,” since the notary is responsible for ensuring proper circulator information. The SBE advises that “the candidate should not be penalized for the notary’s error.”

·       Based on the SBE opinion and a commonsense interpretation of party rules, Chairman Cranwell ruled on April 14 that the DPVA will not penalize a candidate for a notary error. Chairman Cranwell shared this judgment with all three Lieutenant Governor campaigns during a joint call on April 14.